stoneyford Nov 4th

Any of you nor cal guys (Sac area) interesed in Stoneyford on Nov 4th. A few are going, see the WR side of this forum. I would love to see another Orange bike against the blues. :) I started as a blue with them but like a camelion changed color. Great guys, with great bikes and a guide like none other. If interest see the blue side (WR discussion about the ride. It is a great area and good people.

Mike in Roseville

So Cal Erik, missing another chance. You need to move North. :D

Hey Mike if the Lilliputian HS gets cancelled or postponed on Nov.4 I'll be there although my KTM doesn't have that much Orange on it.

Mike, I'm really bummed about not making it up there again, but I have a really good excuse this time. I wrecked really bad at a mx race 3 weeks ago and I'm nursing a 3rd degree separation of my shoulder and a broken rib. Lord willing I'm going to make it up there real soon to ride with you. I really miss the beautiful Nor Cal riding.

Thanks for persisting though, and don't give up on me quite yet. Have a great time up there and work over those Yamadudes for me :) God bless, Erik


Hope you are healing well. I will be praying for you my brother. These bikes do have brakes on them don't they :) O I use mine all the time. It helps stop injury. Be careful out there, heal quickly and when you can come north, great. Nor Cal is not going anywhere. Take care.



Have you heard what Stonyford looks like now since the fire? I heard that they cancelled the Enduro this year because of it. It will be interesting to hear what you guys find up there. The ground should be good though. It's raining just a bit up here right now and it's supposed to continue through tomorrow.

Any of you all running the COWBELL enduro on the other side of the hill at Middle Creek?

100 miles of Nor Cals best single track.

After three days of rain 2 days of sun (in that order) should be great

Thanks for the braking tips Mike! :D I used to just drag my feet in the dirt to slow down , but now I know what those strange levers are for. Actually with the front wheel in the air

and my feet off the pegs(in a flying W ), I

didn't have a chance to recover. They need to put emergency brakes and airbags on these bikes. :) Take care my friend and thanks for the prayer! Erik

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