Clutch Dragging

A while back I installed a Magura "jack" clutch kit on my 03 WR 450f. Last evening I re-did the wires so I could start it in any gear with the clutch pulled in. My problem is there is no adjustment on a hydraulic clutch, and the clutch drags while trying to start the bike in gear. Maybe after the bike is warm it won't drag but cold it wants to move forward. Any suggestions, ideas, or downright wild ideas would be appreciated. Thanx in advance.


The clutch dragging can be worst with new heavy oil in a cold motor.

Ride it and see if it changes.

This is normal on our bikes. A cold clutch will drag. Just try putting a cold bike in gear and push it around. That is too much load for starting. Start a cold bike in neutral then you can start it when hot in gear with the clutch pulled in. :banghead:

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