'02 520 EXC forks; 43mm or 48mm?

Why does the literature on the ktm website show the '02 SX models with 48MM forks and the '02 EXC's with 43MM forks? I thought all the magazines said they upgraded to the 48MM forks across the board!! Who's right?



The websites are right. The SX's are the only bikes from the factory with the 48's in 2002. The exc & mxc still have the 43's.

Strick is right. The magazine articles I've read have been correct. Maybe the one you read meant across the SX line? That would be true. The SX's are also the only ones to get the PDS shock with high and low speed compression adjustment.

The 43's work really well for offroad riding. If you're going to spend a lot of time on the mx track, the SX would probably be the way to go.

The main difference is the tube size. The internals are almost identical. 28mm base valve, 14mm piston rod, 28mm cartridge.

The 48s flex alittle less.

The 43s can be set up to work great offroad once the active and passive valving is sorted out....

Take Care, John

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