Important Outdoor Recreational Alert!

Very easy they do all the work.

The Forest Service is currently seeking comments on the Roadless rule. Many outdoor recreation enthusiasts had been asking the Administration to re-open the comment period and now the Administration has complied.

But the comment period ends September 10th and anti-access forces are bombarding the Forest Service with thousands of comments supporting the Roadless Rule - that is limiting public access to federal lands.

That's why I urge you to TAKE ACTION TODAY by registering on the Americans for Responsible Recreational Access (ARRA) web site Once you have registered, visit the Action Center and send your comments to the Forest Service.

We must ACT NOW to make sure that outdoor recreation enthusiasts make their voices heard! The Forest Service and the Administration need to know that many Americans do not support the Roadless policy hastily constructed by the Clinton Administration.

You can also help by forwarding this message on to others and encouraging them to register on the ARRA web site.

Thank you for taking time consider this issue that is of such great importance to those of us who enjoy the outdoors. PLEASE ACT TODAY!

Visit today.

EXCELLENT! I urge everyone to do this as well.

I was just notified by mail about a new study in Oregon and WA commissioned by the Oregon Forest Services. I actually talked to the professor who was conducting the survey about the land use issues in Or and Wa. I asked him point blank about his views...he actually told me that he was a pretty serious environmentalist. Seems odd that an ECO NAZI is conducting this study.... He is in the process of sending me the questionaire. I am very sure that this study will be fair (yeah right!). You could actually see how the survey was leaning by just the preliminary questions that were asked.

This professor also told me that this study is going to be used to determine how the trail systems and forests will be used and maintained. They are only sending out 6000 of these questionairs. I told this guy about my serious involvment in ORV activities and then all of a sudden the conversation was cut short........I am currently working to find out more thru some MW groups about what is really going on with this. I'll be willing to bet that this is part of a lawsuit to get us booted out of the woods by the ECO NAZIS in the NW......STAY TUNED AND GET INVOLOVED!!!!!

The AMA and the Blue Ribbon Coalition are correct...Our right to ride is in jeopardy....GET INVOLVED!!!

Please the the TT Admins know about this so they can let everyone on all the forums read it. Thanks, Paul M.

Hi Greg, When people register with ARRA it ask for a email address to the person that referred you. If you want to see how many people register to ARRA from your posting you will need to give out your email address. Then again you may not want all the email... Thanks, Robert

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