Will an 01 YZF tank fit a 00 WR?

Considering the mod to enhance ability to move around more. For those that have done the mod, is it a narrower profile and was it a real benefit? Thanks in advance! Also will the 01 YZ shrouds fit my wr?

Yes, it will fit. Yes, it is a narrower profile. Hell Yes it's a worthwhile mod! It also carries the fuel lower to slightly lower the CG.

You will need a YZ seat as well. The WR seat will not fit the YZ tank. I had this setup on my '01 WR and liked it.

Not only is the YZ seat and tank combo thiner, it also helps you slide further up on the tank when turning. It's the best handling mod you can do. :banghead:

My 00WR has a YZ tank and seat an i like it. really feels good when u hit the track.

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