carbon fiber exhaust??

just wondering to everyones input on carbon fiber exhaust silencers..

i was looking into the GYT-R exhaust silencer since i can get 25% off of it and i think that it looks real nice and all but i have also heard that they can crack easily and if you fall on it... it can shatter?

someone please have any input to this before i go and spend about 320$

dont buy it get stainless or ti

I have had my yz450 for almost a year. I have crashed that thing more times than once. Lets see hard enough for one cuncusion, one broken collar bone and oh must i forget 2 broken fingers.....Well lets just say i got tired of trying to be a super motocross man....Anyway the point is I have the white bro's carbon pro. never had a problem with it. And when i had my 426 I had the white bro's carbon fiber e-series and anyway no problems and no breaks besides my bones. not to mention it loks trick

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