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Anyone with an XR650R out there that can help me? I'm having trouble identifying a part, so if anyone could send me their e-mail address to scoobiedoo1@hotmail.co.uk and I'll forward some pictures of the offending part - unless someone can tell me how to post pics on here?



Thanks for that. Please try the links below:



The part concerned is located between the rubber manifold of the carb and the cylinder head - in the pictures a pipe is attached that fed directly back to the IMS tank that was installed. I've put the original tank back on but there was no-where for this pipe to locate to so I removed it. Now , however, the 'nozzle' it attached to is open to the atmosphere - should this be blanked-off somehow? If so with what?

Any help greatly appreciated.


Given it's location I'd say it was a vacuum take off for the other fuel tank. You don't need it for the original. You will need to block it off tho. With what?? lots of ways, but i think it can be unscrewed fro the inlet and plugged there or just stick a bolt in the end of the hose and tape it somewhere so its ready if you put the other tank back on.

I think you have a california bike, and I wouldn't go blocking that off just yet. Honda obviously put it there for a reason, and you need to figure out the reason for it. On the non-cali bikes, theres just a screw there to block it off, so it can be done. But, before you do that, you need to make sure that its not gonna hurt anything if you do it.

a calif bike in UK???

Yes, it must be blocked off. That is the Vacuum line and it was hooked up to a vacuum operated fuel pump that was in the IMS gas tank. The pump pumped fuel from one side of the tank to the other so it could be used. The stock tank does not have this.

It's not a California bike but, a bike someone add the vacuum line to run the fuel pump in the tank. You can't/shouldn't run the bike without that hose plugged.

Whoops... Didn't notice the UK part... My bad...


Thanks for the advice everyone. Much appreciated.

Just pull the hose barb off and plug the hole with a bolt.

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