Scott Rear Disk Guard

I installed a scott rear disk guard on my KTM 400 Exc and the fit and finish is excellent. I just letting the board know. I appreciate reviews by others ... no one like to waste money on non value parts. Retail 129.99 Nice billet aluminum ligher than stock caliper mount.

I agree with you that it's a very nice unit and is well worth the money but I seriously doubt it's lighter than the stock carrier. I'd guess it's about twice the weight of the stocker.

BTW, those of you who like running the excellant OEM Honda CR250 rear brake pads will be a little disappointed in this product. They won't work with the Scott's shark fin.

[ November 01, 2001: Message edited by: jeb ]

I just installed the Scotts shark fin in my 520 EXC. I have never seen a stronger one and have broken several of the others. In my opinion, the new Scotts fin is the only one worth installing. If the others break when you hit a rock, what is the point. They are supposed to protect the disk from rocks, not break, themselves.

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