The AMA strikes again

Beginning in 2006 the AMA has re named the classes in Supercross and the Outdoor Nationals.

Now it will be "Supercross" (250 2-strokes & 450 4-strokes) and "Supercross Lites" (125 2-strokes & 250 4-strokes)... "AMA Motorcross" (250 2-strokes & 450 4-strokes) and "AMA Motorcross Lites" (125 2-strokes & 250 4-strokes).

AMA Pro Racing is a little weak on their creativity :banghead:

Wow talk about some creative names.Now when people ask what class a 125 rider is running they can be cool and say AMA supercross lite.And the person who asked that can be like &%$#@!.

MX1/2 and SX1/2 was just not good enough?

That "lites" name is HORRIBLE!!!

Kind of like Low Fat Motocross :banghead:


thats something only a fool could come up with, just like...... the AMA.

Why not call the MX classes the 450 and 250 classes? After Kawi releases their 450 it's all over for the 2-strokes.

that took a whole lot of nothing to change....where do they find these people

In Australia we have been using Pro Lites and Pro Open for some time now. But I don't know why they need to use the 'Supercross' or 'AMA Motocross' bit - will people get confused with which event they are at?

I could live with "Pro Open" and "Pro Lite". In-fact that way better than what the AMA came up with!

yeah bedder than the lite idea but who cares we'll get used to it

What i wanna see is more races on tv and more up to date races. :lol::banghead: I've seen two races in the past 3 or 4 months and they were reruns :applause:

I'm sure it took lots of marketing geniuses and many focus groups to come up with those names. Sounds gay to me. JMO

Maybe they should be more politically correct. The 125 Class could be the "CCC" class, or Cubic Centimeter Challenged? :banghead:

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