450 silencer on a 426.

Anyone know if they're the same size/shape? :banghead:


If you are talking about the WRs, yes they are the same, except the rear mount is a new style on the 05. It is in the same place, just a differant style. I used a longer bolt & two big fender washers until my 05 grommet style mount came in at the dealer. The new rear is rubber mounted.


Cheers mate. Just what i wanted to hear. :banghead:

Yeppers, I have the stock WR450 pipe on my '02 426. Bolts right up. The header pipes are different shape but fit as well.

- Ryan

Really? I thought anything after '02 doesnt fit on our 98-02s because of different subframe and stuff. All 450 pipes fit the 98-02 or only the WR450s?

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