KTM ,carbon skid plate ????????

have any of you tryed the carbon fiber skid plate on a 520 that ktm sells ? I wondered if it was strong enough?


I bought one from another manufacture and I would not recommend carbon fiber for a skid plate. Mine broke on the first ride. A one inch by one inch chunk came off.

I've had great luck with my E-line CF skid plate. It fits good, and hasn't broken yet. I have about 4 months on it now in a mostly MX environment.

I just recently purchased an '02 KTM 400 EXC, and the first aftermarket item I installed was a carbon fibre skid plate.

It's much cheaper than pricing out a new magnesium engine casing, and is roughly the same price as an aluminum plate. It fits nice and snug, and looks way cool.

Here's the link: http://www.carbonfiberworks.com/index2.ivnu

I put a Kstyle alum skid plate on my bike when I got it last winter. It served it's purpose but got very beat up in the rocks. I got an eline CF one and it's stood up great so far. It's a pretty thick plate so it should take a lot abuse. The downside is that it's got no holes for getting at the lower oil screen. I don't want to drill holes for fear of weakening the plate. The nice thing is that you just loosen the front bolts, remove the rear 2 bolts and just swing it forward and out of the way to change oil.

The other pluses are that it protects the forward frame rails further up and it's more form fitting so it allows less mud in between the engine and plate.

i got the e-line carbon plate too, and so far has held up great. i wish they made more carbon fiber trinkets as there way cool. huh huh huh..

This place makes some other CF goodies for the KTM's:


Here's a picture of my CF head pipe guard. I got it from Germany but Mike Kruger is suppose to be carrying them soon.


My E-Line skid plate has taken some major punishment. There are several areas where the carbon fibers themselves are exposed. My plan is to epoxy over them to prevent any more disintegration. The fit is good and not too difficult to remove when doing oil changes. Purchased my pipe guard (like Jeb's) from Dirtbike Depot in England. Not a bad price including shipping.

Hey Jeb,

What type of radiator guards are you running?

Flatland racing. I got them from Mike Kruger and I've been very happy with them. Seem to take the abuse. BTW, Mike just got the CF headpipe and silencer junction gruads in stock. He's also got the aluminum junction guards like you see on my bike.


Do you have a phone number, or a web site link to Flatland Racing. I'm interested in the CF headpipe guard.

Lots of advice already ... her is one more.

I purchased the Carbon Skid plate from my dealer and its held up well. I like it because it does not thunk like an aluminum ones. I ride mostly in the cascade mountains in washington were the rocks, roots and stumps are fierce. no problems yet. Also another feature I like is it fit&finish.

To drain the oil and service the lower screen i remove the back two bolts and I loosen the fronts and the skid plate rotates towards the front of the bike giving lots room to perform service.

Jeb or anybody else that is running Devol type radiator guards. Does anyone have an overheating problem that is using this type of guard, especially on the 520's since it replaces the stock radiator louvers. Thanks


Flatland is at:


Looks like they're rebuilding the website, though. Not much info there right now. Not sure if I was clear about the pipe guards and rad braces. Mike Kruger at Cycle Zone KTM is the place to get that stuff. Toll free at 866-843-7433.

I've not had any overheating problems with the Flatland rad guards in place. I don't have the plastic louvers in place. This bike is much more boil resistant that my 250 or 380 were. Those would always eat a little coolant on each ride. My 400E has never used a drop from a boil over and I've had the guards on since new. The openings on the Flatland guards are a bit bigger than the openings on the DeVol guards I had on my 2 strokes, BTW.


I just recently purchased one of your carbon fibre skid plates, and I'm very happy with it.

Is there any way you could make a carbon fibre exhaust guard, simialler to the one on Jeb's bike?

If anyone has an idea for new carbon fiber products, go to the website and click on IDEAS FOR CARBON. It will then go to R and D. Thanks for the interest. We are working out the details with John Dowd's manager for '02. We are also the carbon fiber sponsor for Motoworld of El Cajon too. We are looking forward to a great season.

Ben Asaff

I just purchased and installed the E-Line CF skid plate. I did quite a bit of research before I settled on this one, and I'm glad I bought it. Fits like a glove and drops out of the way with two bolts for oil changes. Worth the $120.


Hi Ben,

Good to see people from the industry posting here. I've heard nothing but good about your products. Are you going to make an offroad skid plate for KTM RFS's? Something with some outside the frame side coverage? I don't currently see anything on your website like that.

Dowd is still my hero since I'm in my 40's. Great guy with a lot of heart. I gather you were one of his sponsor's last season?

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