How to fix Q-pipe/Anyone got a stocker?

Here's the deal. after much abuse the screws on the side for the end cap of my fmf q pipe pulled/stripped out. so i thought i did the right thing by repacking the pipe, drilling new holes in the end, and using rivets to put the pipe back together. except the rivets (alluminum and steel) keep coming loose making my bike sound like crap, lean out, and pop like a mother on decel. soooo

1) is there a way to fix my pipe? i reckon welding is out since it's alluminum. I reckon jd weld wouldn't last long.

2) anyone got a stocker to sell for cheap?

3) does sil motor make a pipe for this bike? my buddy had one on his husky. it sounded gorgeous, and was relatively quiet.

4) i'm currently running a power bomb header. does it work wilth other slip on's? ie does the power bomb end at the same place as stock?

Can you tap to a larger screw size?

I will swap ya my stocker for your power bomb!

I will swap ya my stocker for your power bomb!

the header is fine, i might swap a tore up q-pipe for a stocker though! the pipe is actually in good shape and repacked, it's just the end fitting is loose.

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