Outrageous XR-650R Hillclimber!!

Jeff Thomas of thomasracingservice.com just finished a really trick XR-650R hillclimber. It's in one of his own custom frames (based on CRF-450 geometry) running on methanol and nitrous. The nitrous system uses no pump--extra fuel is supplied by pressurizing the carb float bowl when the nitrous is turned on which forces more fuel through the jets (the bowl vents are plugged, obviously). All of the charging system including the left sidecover has been removed and a remote starter drive on the crankshaft installed so it can be started with a hand held automobile starter motor. It uses a Dyna Ignition which is driven off of the cam. If I can get some pictures of it I'll post 'em when I can.

For those in the midwest supposedly the new owner will be coming here to ride it at the "East-West Hillclimb Shoot-Out" at Nashville (Ski World), Indiana on Sept. 18 so you can come and see it run!!

Sounds like a good bike for Irondude to ride in this years Baja 1000. :banghead:

Should be almost as fast as the CRF600.


where can I find some info on this event ? I would like to go but don't want to drive four hours for nothing . Thanks Steve

The latest on the XR-650R hillclimber--I hear it blew up during testing. Will the builder get it back together before the weekend? Don't rule it out--this guy is one of those whatever-it-takes kind of guys. Before the recent Pogue's Hole professional hillclimb in New York he put in a week that would kill most of us, getting maybe 20 hours of sleep the whole week prior. He fired up two brand-new hillclimbers at 10 PM the day before, loaded up, drove to New York and then won the 800 class and took second in the 540.

Hopefully it'll be together this weekend and I can get some pics of it to post. It's way cool!!!

I just got back from the Nashville (Indiana) "Nitro Nationals" East-West Hillclimb Shoot-Out amateur day. Wow!! You ought to see the outrageous equipment that'll race tomorrow in the Shoot-Out. Side-by-side twin-engine Husabergs on nitrous!! A front-to-back twin-engine Honda "CR-1000"!! All sorts of big street-bike motored 'climbers that use paddle tires and chains on nitromethane!!

Anybody in the midwest area who misses this event is really going to blow an opportunity to see the most incredible hillclimb equipment in America!! Y'all come!!!

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