New 520 MXC

I'm picking up a new 02 520 MXC next weekend. I've been on a 250 2s forever. Any Any advice on the big girl or KTM's in general? I would really appreciate any help on things to look out for or set up tips. I don't know anyone with one or have any experience with the brand. I am an offroad expert and a moto wannabe. Mainly ride tight technical desert but still enjoy opening it up when there's room. This scoot seems to be very versatile and hopefully worth the big coin.

congrats. i got my 02 520mxc a couple of months ago and do not regret it. previously on a war horse of an xr600r. i'm also an off roader but like an occasional trip to the track. here are some of my experiences to date.

1. very versatile bike! can ride both desert and tracks with confidence. tank is a little wide for the tracks and have an exc tank on order for this purpose. a little twitchy at speed in the desert. a scotts is a must.

2. oil changes a bit tedious at first, but, well worth it.

3. shifting a bit notchy, often find neutral when looking for second. am getting better at this though.

4. chain looks loose, and it should.

5. clutch makes noise at idle when not engaged and it should.

6. oil weeps from bolts near oil window. it shouldn't but it does. can fix with yamabond.

7. are far as prep is concerned i took bike apart little by little greasing each bolt and tightened to spec. his is not uniqe to ktm's or necessarily required. i'm just anal.

8. first valve adjustment schedualed for monday.

will keep you posted


Thanks! Items you have mentioned are all I have heard about except the oil window leak. How do you feel about the "EURO" handling. I have read so much about the need for 18 or even 16 mm clamps to get her to turn. I am not against getting a set but really wonder. I don't want the tank either. I rode/raced a 94 KX 250 with that style IMS tank and hated it. Sure appreciate the feedback.

you and i will look at the handling of his machine from a very different perspective. probably compared to your kx it will want to push in turns, taking the outside line. this may disturb you. if so go with the off-set triple clamps as i've read that they do wonders for this "euro" feel. coming from a 93 xr600 the handling

of the 520 is nothing short of magical. i love it as is. honestly i felt comfortable on this bike from day one. i loved it (except for the oil leak i mentioned). if you don't want that big tank and need the cash you will likly have no trouble selling it. new they go for something like $350. i'm keeping mine for those long baja rides i love so. good luck. hows the riding in tuson? have passed through the area and it looks great. where would i find out about riding areas? whats the best time of year?


Congrats on the new thumper. Excellent choice.

Watch EVERY nut and bolt...they WILL come loose, constantly. Check motor mounts...they actually hold the cases together and can cause oil leaks if they come loose. Watch ALL plastic body part bolts..they tend to shake loose. Watch your rear shock splash guard...its ridges may wear a groove into your lower shock mount the spokes...the big thumper can stretch them pretty well and they will loosen a bit every now and NOT adjust your chain per the manual, it will be too tight and harm countershaft and wheel the rear shock body near your can wear through due to boot leather friction and might need a little homemade guard or sacrificial material...

Kick start it around your friends who don't have keeps them happy....

I've found that once I get the proper bolts blue loctited, they stay tight. I do the kickstarter bolt, shifter bolt, the 4 subframe bolts and the 2 bolts under the rear fender that screw into the subframe. Same with the spokes. After tightening a couple of times, I rarely find one loose.

Run a length of old innertube ziptied over the lower shock leg. That will protect the heim joint from sand, dirt, etc and keep the mud flap from wearing on the shock mount. I grease all the bearings with Belray waterproof grease. The swingarm and lower steering stem bearings I grease without removing as they're pressed in/on. The brake pedal and chain rollers have ball bearings too, BTW.

If this is your first KTM, you may find the rear brake is touchy. You'll get used to it but late model Honda OEM CR250 pads will help. They work great.

Thanks to all for the feed back. Info. is much appreciated. I will post in a few weeks and let everyone know just how impressed I am.

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