2nd gear noise.. What the ????

Alright, I did a search and really didn't find anything other than something about gear facing which I really didn't understand...This is my second XR650L and I do remember the first one making a fair amount of tranny noise even with only a 2K miles on it. However, I do not recall it making growling noise at low speed under lug in 2nd gear like this one.. Only in second gear and only while lugging it. Higher RPM.. Not a problem.. No skipping, jumping or erratic behavior just a lot of noise... If it was doing it in all gears.. I would say a bearing but only in 2nd gear :banghead:. If someone else has this problem and it is just the nature of the beast let me know.. If the worst case scenario is that I will eventually lose 2nd gear (could be anytime).. than I will keep riding it until then.

Some of you folks with older 650L's let me know.. I would just assume live with the noise but if it is a cheap fix.. than I will reconsider.. Who needs second anyway?? :applause:

I don't remember my last 650L making any excessive noise, you may want to drain the oil and see if you see alot of metalic particals and cut the filter open and see how it looks inside. Maybe a bent shift fork.

I looked at the oil when I changed it and didnt see anything abnormal.. no metal particles etc.. Checked the filter as well. .Nothin.. If it is a bent fork can I just run it that way.. and shouldn't it do it in every gear.

I havn't had a gear problem since way back on my trail 70, I did a jump and broke second gear, had to split the cases, it's a roll of dice to see if it gets worse, the forks move back and forth with every gear change, it can be a bushing or bearing in one of the gears on either shaft, some freewheel on the shaft while others lock in to other gears and rotate the shaft depending on which gear is selected, it's not the end main shaft bearings or the noise would be there all the time since both gear shafts rotate when ever it's in any gear with the clutch engaged (moving) if there's no metal that's good. May want to check the frame downtube oil strainer screen, some particals would be normal if it has never been cleaned before. The normal problem with second gear is jumping out of gear due to the engagement dogs being worn and rounded off.

when i shift into second it makes quite the thunk but other than that.....no noise at all

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