450 Valve question

My question is this: My 450 is the first bike I've owned. I consider myself pretty mechanically sound but have never really worked on bikes. I'm the only one out of my group that is on a thumper, so I don't really have anyone to look to for advice. I don't want to get into the valve project and screw something up or sit there scratching my head, wondering what to do next . Are they something a first-timer could handle somewhat easily or should my first valve check-up be left to a professional, and if so, what could I expect to pay for the service? Any ideas, opinions, or confidence-boosters would be much appreciated :banghead: Thanks!

As long as you have the manual it is easy. :banghead:

You are the only thumper in your group???? man reminds me of 1999...I was the only thumper back then..Now almost 95% ride Thumpers..interesting

Take your time, use the right tools and you will see how easy it is...or take it to your trusted Tuner/yami dealer...

Almost anyone can check them. Adjusting them is more complicated, but if you're careful, it's mostly just time consuming. Cam timing and torquing the caps are the critical parts, and both of them are easily done right.

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