400 EXC vs. Suzuki DRZ400E

I'm in the market for a used bike. I'm thinking about either a DRZ400-E or a KTM 400EXC. Either way I will want to make it street legal, but i'm in CO so that should be no problem. Is the KTM worth the extra money? Any advice would be appreciated.

I had a DRZ before I got the 400EXC and IMHO there is no comparison. The KTM is superior in every way. And yes, I definitely think the KTM is worth the extra money.

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:<HR>Originally posted by Steve H:

I'm in the market for a used bike. I'm thinking about either a DRZ400-E or a KTM 400EXC. Either way I will want to make it street legal, but i'm in CO so that should be no problem. Is the KTM worth the extra money? Any advice would be appreciated.

I just got off my first ride on my new 2002 KTM400EXC. WOW!! I had been riding a 2000 DRZ400E, good bike, a lot of fun. However the KTM is in a whole different league. It took nearly five months from the date I put my deposit down until it came in. All I can say is if you can find one, get the KTM. The DRZ is a good second choice. It takes work to get the suspension right and once you do the DRZ is worthy trail bike.

Nick :)

I rode a DRZ today and an EXC. Rode 6 miles single track, little bit greasy, some woods, some fields, some off camber. The DRZ probably doesn't get the exposure it deserves, good machine-- but in my opinion EXC - hands down.

I have not ridden a DRZ but I have a 01 400 MXC and it is just awsome!! To make a DRZ up to par with a 400 EXC you would have to put a lot of money into it!!! Hydro clutch, Pro taper style bars, DID o-ring chain,great suspension, and you still wouldn't have a SLIM,LIGHT AND NIMBLE MACHINE!! You just can't beleave how fun these bikes are!! GOOD LUCK Dan

I have a 2001 DRZ 400 E with kick and electric start , super great shape , street legal , has the tag on it , ready to go , have done ALL maintence including valves , has 1800 miles on it and I am in AZ. For 4265.00

My only comment is an observation. I see a lot more people selling their DRZ's to buy a KTM rather than the other way around...

Hi Steve, It depends on how much money you want to spend. I have a 02 400EXC and I think the extra money is worth it. I've ridden the DR and if you were to spend the additional money that the KTM cost on a DR you still won't have a KTM.

I rode my EXC at Rampart this weekend and the KTM bikes are becoming the bike of choice. I have a few DR friends that can outride me, but the KTM allows me to ride above my abilities where as the DR doesn't allow me to ride at that level. I have not found one person that wouldn't part with their DR for the KTM. Except for the cost factor. I'm sure there are some hardcore DR guys out there, but I haven't found one yet. If you are an average rider with a few extra dollars then you can ride at a higher level than you would with the DR. Or if your going to race the bike then there is no question about it. KTM all the way! Later Robert

All the above posts are right on the money, IMHO. I just parted with my '01 DRZ and now have a '02 520 EXC. Granted, the 520EXC isn't a 400EXC, but the two share a lot of the same parts (like everything but the motor). I'd say it comes down to 2 things:

1) Do you intend to race the bike, or just play ride?

2) How much do you want to spend on a bike?

If you want to race, go KTM if you can afford it. It truly is ready to race out of the crate. If you just want to play/trail ride, and don't want to burn a ton of cash, the DRZ is a very good bike. Just be sure to answer these questions up front, because if you get the DRZ and later decide to race it, like others have said, you'll end up at a KTM price and still have a less worthy race bike (which is exactly where I was headed).

Hope that helps. Take care, and good riding.


I just came across this link and this post might be a little late to influence you but I thought I'd throw in my $.02.

I own both a drz400e and an '01 ktm400exc. I am an A rider so I go pretty good. At the limit, the KTM is the better handler. Although the KTM feels more powerful, once you have rejeted and removed the lid from the air box, and drilled some holes in the DRZ's exaust, (total cost about 5 bucks and a couple hours of your time) the bikes are about even powerwise. I have a 15 tooth c/s sprocket on the DRZ (one tooth bigger than stock), which gives it a broader spread of power, and, believe it or not BETTER acceleration as well as a higher top speed. I know this may be hard to swallow, but that's what's nice about having two bikes and a few buddies that own KTM 400's and DRZ's.We can do all these comparisons with the same riders in the same conditions. Anyway without getting too long winded about this, there are other things to consider. Although the KTM has better quality suspension and handlebars, it costs more to maintain. Oil changes are more frequent. Oil filters cost more (there are two), or you can spend about $100.00 on Scotts stainless lifetime filters, and brake pads wear out faster. Bottom line is, if you're going to race primarily, get the KTM, if you're not get the DRZ. JMHO


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Just had a chance to check out a KTM LC4 640 in the special "6 day Enduro" paint scheme.... Sure looked nice. Dealer's asking $7125.00 out the door. Is this a good price ?

I have no experience w/ KTM's but I was most empressed w/ the quality of the components and the fit and finish. How are the bikes for reliability? Parts availability? etc. Things to look out for? I'm comparing it to a DRZ 400S.



I have a 2001 drz400 e with a kick start too , new tires , street legal , 53 MPG. I never ride it any more now that I have a 520 , will sell cheep ..$ 4100.00 it is almost perfect shape 2

Seth Jacobsen

I just bought a 520 EXC to replace my DRZ. The EXC is lighter and has many of the bells and whistles I have added to my DRZ.

Let me just offer two points. My new EXC owners manual warns against street riding. It is not designed for the constant contact and hookup pavement provides.

The second point is low end. It is probably too early for me to pass judgment (I have only had my EXC for a week), but the DRZ seems to be more confortable at low rpms than my new KTM. The KTM loves to rev up and my DRZ loves to pull from down low. Both bikes are great.

I am came from different avenue , i had a 2000 Yamaha YZF426. Sold it after 4 months , piece of crape! bought a 2001 520mxc , best bike i have had in my 30 years of riding! I'll pay the extra money for oil changes. The bike starts with 1 kick , and if i don't feel like kicking push the button. As for jumping the YZF was a little better , in the trail the KTM rules. I ride almost all trails. The ktm is much smoother , better components , more fun to ride. I do believe the drz is a good bike for the money , but if you are going to upgrade it just buy the KTM.

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