I have a 98 xr600r, anyway to get a speedo to work on it, maybe from an xl?, new bike to me just got it today as a daily driver and an offroader on weekends. noticed it had a trip meter on it any way to modify this? Any help would be appreciated!!!thanks

Well, baja designs sells a cheap spedo/odo set-up that you can simply bolt-on these bikes for cheap. The spedo cable is pretty much universal to any jap spedo system. But, the set-up that I've seen and that I really like is the one that this guy is selling on ebay. Its a spedo and keyed kill switch combo. Or if you feel like spending some bucks, you can get one of those slick trail-tech comps off of ebay as well. I'll include both links.



These are plug and play.



maxpower , Thats nice ! whos & where & how much ?

How about the new TrailTech, with the sic' tach....its dope!

How about the new TrailTech, with the sic' tach....its dope!

It looks nice, but they found another bug in the Lynx firmware and told me it would take another couple months to fix, so they're putting it on hold again from what they told me...ugh.

maxpower , Thats nice ! whos & where & how much ?

Available from Baja Designs. More info HERE

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