Street plate in N.Y.

Well, I thought I could outsmart them and get myself a street plate. Apparently N.Y. has wised up or something. Ive given up on the idea. That said, I put the Dakar dual sport kit on my bike already. Its as good as they say. -Compact and everything works as it should. Now that I dont need the signals and horn, Im going to just take the kit off and sell it. If any of you are interested in the kit, PM me and Ill give you a killer deal on it! I am going to just get a trail light set up. I have already put the WR stator and flywheel on the bike and do ride after dark, so its not a total loss, just pisses me off that they just dont allow it!

I'm in a similar boat. I think, and I'm not even sure this would work, but you may be able to get an out-of-state title issued that doesn't say "off road use only". Then you could bring it back to NY for a street plate. I've heard there is an off road indicator in the VIN though, so it may not work anyway.

Oh well, get a KTM.

Yeah, I tried the angle of "losing" the certificate of origin. The bike was never regisered as an ATV, so it didnt get flagged there. I got a VIN verification done by a N.Y. state trooper, to prove it wasnt stolen. When they punch in the VIN, it comes up off road only, so thats that! I dont mind anyway, but it would have been cool just to blast around the block with no hassles. Anyway, the Dakar kit is coming off the bike. Whatever I get for it will offset the cost of the trail light set up.

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