race sag

After consulting my riders manual and shop manual looking for race sag, I am still looking. The manuals only reference shock pre-load which does not take into account rider weight, bike mods or spring wear. Does anyone have it on good authority what the proper race sag should be for the linkageless suspension? :)


[ November 04, 2001: Message edited by: Strick ]

I'd start out at 100mm and check your static sag. It should be 25mm +/- 10mm. The DB mags tried using the KTM specs for a while when the PDS first came out. They finally went back to the above, which is pretty much the industry standard spec, and found that it worked best.

I played around with it quite a bit this spring trying to get my 400 SX to turn. My best setting turned out to be 92mm. This puts a little more pressure on the front end for more bite.

Take some time and try some different settings to find out what best works for you!!


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