where is the cheepest to buy oem ktm parts?

where do you guys get oem ktm parts the cheepest? Any place on line , some one who knows something about these bikes would help .

Mike Kruger (KTM Cycle Zone) is the US Midwest parts distributor for KTM. Mike races both hairscambles and motocross and knows KTM's forwards and backwards.

Mike is fair on his prices and doesn't rip you off on shipping either.

Call or email Mike at his website below and tell him Rick sent you to him.


Another vote for Mike. A great guy to work with, too. He's not just a HS rider. He's a top 2 AA rider in Kansas. Order's over $50 ship for free.

Thanks jeb for the part I left off about Mike.

Yeah, Mike is #2 in the series while our Missouri racer Doug Stone (#7) is #1 in the series. Its very cool and exciting to watch Doug and Mike battle it out. Also we have our local KTM dealer in MO/KS at Letko (Jim L.) that races also in the AA series.

Another vote for Mike Kruger (KTM Cycle Zone)

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