2000 vs. 2001 RFS

are there any major differences between the 2000 and the 2001 models, specifically with the 400exc?


I think the only difference was a heavier duty radiator.

Not really heavier duty, per se, but the 01 and up radiators are one row wider for more cooling. The forks on the 00's were the first generation of the 43mm WP USD ones and they had some critics and teething problems. The 01 forks and shock are awesome on my 01 400E. Much better than the revalved stuff on my 99 250EXC was.

there were also changes to the crank and crank bearing, change to the clutch, change in the swingarm (MX models), shock and fork changes, change in the size of the piston in the rear caliper - not sure what else. Minor stuff, mainly due to early crank bearing dramas, and broken swingarms in supercross...



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