please help wr426-2001

:lol: hello :banghead:

the story goes like that

my bike was in garage kept like 2 month

i take it out to ride and i saw the gas tank is leaking

and after 1 hour of riding with the leaking the bike is off

i wait few moments and i turn it on with the choke and it run good

when i put the choke off the engine dad-off

i ride home and put the other gas tank with no leak

trying to run my bike but nothing

he runs just with choke and when i put the choke off it dies

please help me

thanks ronen :applause:

One of the jets is clogged.

i had the EXACT same problem, either, idle screw, or one of your jets is def blocked, i would assume the pilot jet

thanks guys

i will chek it up tomorrow

and let you all tt members know

Is that you Tonto? Checkum jet for clog.

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