WR450 2005 dipstick problem

I have a serious problem with my 05 wr450 oil dip stick.. every time I open it to check the oil level the oil spurts out..

Even if I follow the manual to run motor for 3 minutes from cold it still does the same thing.. am I going something wrong...

:banghead: Turn the engine off and then check the oil!

I do turn the engine off.... the oil presure is just to much..

I have the same problem every once in a while. I can run the bike as long or as short as I want to. If I shut it off and check it to quickly (within a minute or so), it will run out of the hole. :banghead:

This happens when you have filled more oil than specified in the manual. Once I filled 100ml more and the same thing happend to me. When you drain the oil do you drain from the frame and engine also?

Overfilled the oil. What it calls for is from "dry", and you will never have it dry again, once filled. So always add less that it calls for. I find 1 qt plus maybe 2/10th of another, ie 1.2 qts.

Bike was service by Yamaha agent... was its first service so refered it to the profesionals...

Check your filter screen on the drain from the frame to make sure it is not partially clogged! :banghead:

Also check the crankcase vent hose from the head to the airbox. You may be clogged there and creating pressure.


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