wadding it up.

wadded it up bad this past weekend and need a new pair of bars and bar clamps. if any body has a line on these please let me know. whats the thought on aftermarket triple clamps ect. bummed as now my brand new bike looks like it was run over by a car.

justin "ikabod" hambleton

Hope you weren't hurt as bad as the bike. What happened?

This sounds like a great excuse to get yourself some Scott's 18mm offset triple clamps from Mike Kruger at Cycle Zone KTM. 866-843-7433 toll free. Talk to him about bars, too. I took the bars and clamps off my 400E when I got it and put the Scott's and protaper CR-Hi's on there. The Scott's clamps allow the use of inner triple clamp mounted BB mounts and it comes with the top clamp to allow the use of the Scott's steering stabilizer.

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