XR's Only case saver fitment problems

I just installed the XR's only case saver, but ran into a problem. It came with no directions, so I figured out that the engine hanger bolt needed to be turned backwards. But should the stock washer for the old nut that held on the frame hanger bolt be used with the extended nut on the XR's only unit (the nut that you attach the case saver to)? I tried to tighten the setup with the washer installed, but the case saver did not sit flat against the stock mounting holes and stuck out ~1/4" too far, causing it to bend inward when the stock mounting bolts were tightened down. Without the washer, everything fit's much better, but I'd think the washer was meant to be used. Any help would be appreciated.

Also, here's a picture of the Case saver installed (with no washer on the bolt), but with a Topar racing sprocket guard. In the end I dont think the guard was worth the $30 as it weighs more than stock and just adds to the bling factor, but at the time I ordered it I thought the case saver was machined into the guard, negating the need to by the XR's only unit. Oh well.

Click here for picture

I had the same problem when installing mine. I think and it appears from looking at my bike that I used the stock washer and an extra washer to get the right alignment. I remember playing with it for a little while until I was happy with the fit then I took it apart and secured everything with lock tight.

Good luck

XrsOnly is not the best place to send your hard earned greenbacks. Buyer beware.

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