PC T-4 Exhaust

I'm thinking about getting the T-4 and was wondering, those that have them, what end cap are you all running?


I have a 400 mxc and I am running the t-4 with the two in. end cap it came with and the bike rips-way better low end response!!!! I ran into a guy on the trail today that rides a 520 sx and he said the one and a half in. end cap made a big difference compaired to the two in. GOOD LUCK

I put A T-4 on my 2000 KTM 400 SX it made a HUGE diffrence.thanks goat

What kind of jetting changes did you make, if any?

DP400-The guy that put the 1.5 inch tip on...what change did he see...more low? more top?

I have heard a lot of good about the 1.5" end cap also. So, I ordered one today. I will post my thoughts on the difference.

Chris, The guy with the 520 said he saw an emprovement everywhere. I asked the guys at pro circuit which end cap they recomended for the 400 and they said the 2 in. but I can't wait to hear from Strick to see what he thinks of the smaller cap. I'm running stock jetting and it runs great!! GOOD LUCK

Here's some jetting spec's for a 400SX with T-4 with a 2" endcap.

OCEMN 4 Clip

162 main

1 turn out

I'm about 900' elevation.

I've also read on some other posts that the 1.5 one works well for better low end on the 400. Awesome info guys! Thanks and keep the posts coming!

A friend of mine has an 02 400EXC with a P.C. T-4 on it and loves it, the instructions said no jetting changes are required and his bike runs great, he's running the 2" end cap.

I've got a 01 520EXC and I'm running a White Brother's R-4, it's basicly the same as the T-4 but it's a little longer and larger in diamiter, it runs great, no jetting changes required on it either.

The 1.5 is definitely an improvement down low, not much difference in the mid, and takes away from the very very top. It took about 2 minutes to get used to then the bike seemed the same. It did give it some extra something when I was climbing today in the lower rpm range. Overall, I am keeping it on and the 2" can stay in the trailer tool box.

Strick, thanks for doing the reserch on behalf of the 400 crowd. Would I be correct in saying the smaller end cap doesn't realy do that much to improve overall performance? Is it worth the dough? Thanks as always Dan

If you were running tight stuff all the time, and never getting on 'top' of the bike, then yes. Otherwise no.

Are you guys running with the stock spark arrestor cone in or out on the T4?



Are you guys running with the stock spark arrestor cone in or out on the T4?



Arrestor in. That's why I bought the T-4 for my SX.

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