Crankcase vent filter???s

Just wondering but I have a friend that has the same bike as me anyways he changed his oil the other night and said in the crevises there were small amounts of sand in them when he ran a toothpick through them :banghead: We bolth ride in the dunes but I have a filter on my vent but he does not so he picked up a filter and rerouted it to the airbox and but a filter on it but said it acted funny backfired when starting and would spudder a little when you quickly open the throttle. So I was wondering do you think he has a kink in the hose or something or maybe his idel is just to low??? Also I hope the sand didn't hurt the motor glad it's not mine.

these bike in my eyes have a too large of leak jet, go to a smaller one and see if that changes the bogg off idle.

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