T-4 vs E- Series

How do these compare to one another!Has anybody tried these out on their 400 or 520! How they compare in low-end, mid and high range power.Thanks guys,Great Forum. :):D

I was wondering the exact same thing today as I was holding one--White Bros. E-Series, with the discs that you insert-- at the local KTM dealer. Weight wise, it seemed very light. The parts guy, who seemed to be quite knowledgeable, said that power from the pipe would be most noticeable most down low, and in the mid's. He did mention that it was "louder than stock, maybe like a stock Yamaha YZ 426." Has anyone seen a carbon fibre pipe for a 400 or 520?

As far as the E Series pipe goes, the more discs you add the louder the pipe is. My brothers WR 400 with the E pipe and 12 discs was untolerably LOUD. It had to have been about 105db. He just got the quiet core insert and dropped three discs, and its tolerable now but still pretty loud.

The T4 pipe on my buddies WR 400 is also untolerably loud. He has the spark arrestor in and the 2 inch end on the pipe. I have never heard a T4 with the PC quiet core insert, but if you buy either of these pipes for a bike that will see duty off the moto track, then the quiet inserts are necessary.

If I change the pipe at all on my new bike, then I want to be able to do "test" riding around my neighborhood at dinner time without the neighbors calling the cops.

I have the T4 on my 520, and I personally think the noise level is reasonable.

I bought the quiet core for doing test rides around the neighborhood, but I've never put it in because the 2" cap just doesn't seem all that loud. So far, there have been no complaints from the neighbors and I live in a really quiet community of mostly older people.

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