Is LL 110 AVGas bad for your motor???

With nitrous on now and next week I will be in a little lower elivation I was wondering if LL 100 or 110 Av gas at a 50-50 mix would be bad. I would not think so but it says in the manual that leaded fuels will damage the motor and info as to why thanks.

Are you using such a high octane fuel just as a preventative against detonation??

These 4 strokes run best on 91 octane as reported in several MX magazines (that is with stock compression motors) Higher octane on a stock bike is a waste of money, and actually gave less HP compared to 91 octane pump gas.

I'm assuming you're using the higher octane to prevent pre-ignition since using Nitrous and having pre-ignition can be really nasty on the motor. I would imagine that using the Aviation fuel for a short period of time would be o.k.

Maybe long term usage would result in lead build up in the combustion chamber/valve area; but I'm no expert. Maybe others will clarify.....


All of the discussions I have seen regarding avgas result in the general consensus that it is bad for the motor.

You could probably search and find the reasons why from the experts.

Av gas will make you engine run hot :lol: not good for land engine's :banghead: I tryed it in my jet ski had melt down's :applause:

Aviation fuel was designed for engines in the 20's and 30's. Even though it says 110LL it still has lead in the fuel which is needed on the old engines for valve lubrication.

Using it on newer/modern engines will do nothing but gum up the works. Consistent use will cause sticking valves and buildups that you don't need or want.

If you need some more octane just get yourself some VP Ultimate 4 and you'll do fine.

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