Anyone have a stocker pipe to sell yz400/426?

my fmf quiet pipe fell apart. need something bulletproof like the stocker. if you have one please email and let me know how much you need for it. thanks!

you need just the entire system or just the can?

Are you near LA?

i have a power bomb header. so i need just the can if it'll work with that.

i'm in San Diego..

Let me see if I can find my stocker.

I have a stock 00 426 pipe. Shipping might be a little high from Al. but if you need it we could work out something. PM me.

I have my stock pipe from an 01 426. I am in Corona. I don't know what it is worth but whatever is fair, you call it.

I have the stock can assembly for a 00 426. I'm in me for info.

i have a stock pipe off a 00 yz426

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