Where in the heck do you find one?

I called a couple of dealers here in the Sacramento area and none has any 520 m/xc. And, all the dealers I talked to want to charge at least $1000.00 above msrp! :D I even called one dealer in Fresno. Same thing! Where are you guys buying your bikes from? Thanks in advance, P :)

Three Brothers Racing in Costa Mesa CA, has a 520MXC in stock. At least thats what they told me yesterday. Im sure they will want at least retail for it. I have bought lots of parts from them but never a whole bike.

Power Yamaha at Sublimity, Oregon. I bought thier last one but they are expecting another any day now. This is 12 miles East of Salem. 503-769-8888

paid 7448 OTD :)

Call Paul at Larsons cycle , 763-689-5589 , he will sell you a 2002 exc 520 for 6650.00 plus about 300.00 shipped to your door . No tax


Just came from Pro Caliber Motorsports in Vancouver Wa. (near Portland Oregon). They have 2 E/XC 520's on the floor. Bo qouted me $7346.00 as MSRP and $500.00 setup. They just moved to this location and are willing to go lower. He also mentioned the setup could be waived.

Pro Caliber

10703 NE Fourth Plain Blvd

Vancouver, Wa 98662

1-877-PRO-MOTO www.procaliber.com

Sorry! just saw that you posted MXC. They had those also.

Alot of the KTM dealer's up here in Alberta have them in stock. It seems that expensive dirt bike's are not selling all that well right now.

I had no problem finding one, getting a fair price, well, that's another story.


Thanks everyone especially Sledge916! I called Larsons and bought the 520 EXC. It should be delivered by late next week. Then i'll be pestering you guys with stupid newbie questions. :D Can't wait! :) Thanks again! Paul

Wow Paul,

BIG BIG mistake, that bike sucks!!!

I bought my 02 520 MX/C from Three Brothers and have been very happy with their service - plus they're only 5 miles from my house.

The setup fee of $399 was a little steep, but they are in a prime real estate location bordering Newport Beach so I'm sure their rent is high.

Tallman, normally I don't mind supporting a good shop if in return they provide good service, fair prices and, expert advice. I live south of Sacramento and there isn't a whole lot of choices out here compared to what you guys have. Trust me, I would defenately prefer to have a good relationship with a shop than to be entirely on my own. I just don't have that luxury. Thank God for ThumperTalk! :) Thanks for your reply, Paul


I called Paul at Larson's as mentioned by Sledge916, and was set to buy a 520 EXC from him, until I learned that his (and other out-of-state) KTMs are not green-stickerable in CA. :-<

I don't suppose you found a way to get around that little glitch, did you? ;-)


Rod, no! :) Because of the vin number they will not get a green sticker only RED. The really stupid thing about it is that the only difference between the bikes is jetting from what I have been told. The so called "California" model is jetted leaner. So, we should be able to say to the DMV "hey, I want to smog my KTM so that it meets California standards like the G model does." This is not un-reasonable. People do it with cars all the time. But, California is very off-road unfriendly as you probably well know. So, I will either get a red sticker or get it plated in a different state. Haven't quite decided yet. In the mean time I have a WR400 that should be a red sticker bike but is green becasue it came from Canada and the vin number confused our DMV. So I will keep and ride that when I can't ride the KTM unless I figure out some really sinister way around the problem which is likely. All KTMs look alike. How will a ranger know which ones should have green stickers and which shouldn't. I'm guessing they won't. Somehow a green sticker may find its way onto my KTM. :D:D:D:D

Paul, you are a very wicked fellow! :D

This red/green sticker thing on what amounts to an identical bike really sucks, because Larson's Cycle has really nice discounts compared to anyone around here! :D

Guess I'll have to fatten the wallet of a local dealer if I want the green... :) Prolly go to Scuderia, they're cool enough peeps.

I have been looking at CA 400 EXC's and have some thoughts (I know some of this has been covered before)...

As Paul has seen there are two models, with the "G" model green sticker legal for CA. The key for folks buying one is obviously the VIN. You maybe able to find a scream'n deal outside of CA, but I doubt it is a green sticker model, so be very careful. Get the VIN for the bike, prior to purchase and check for yourself that there is not a 3 or C in the 8th position of the VIN.

I have also spoken to the rangers here at Hollister and the plans (as reflected on their website) are to strictly enforce the green sticker laws this year (after the last two years of warnings). They may change this if the DMV can't get the sticker process correct, but right now the plans are for strict green sticker enforce in the summer.

Obviously if yo have a red sicker bike (300cc) or larger you can go through Vermont and get a plate, but I worry that this "loop hole" may go away at some point...

I have a 400 EXC on order with Wilson's for MSRP which comes out to something over $7900 with tax, fees, freight, and their setup (not cheap but not terrible). It is expected in about 2 1/2 weeks, so we'll see if that works out. I am patient and will wait if I have to (or walk away if they screw around), but for a bike that is hard to find, that is the best I could do in CA...

Any repreive you get is only temporary! Don't get lulled into complacency because you get a green sticker this year! The bottom line is they HATE you ! Any reasonable person can see that this is just a bunch of bull Ship! The only difference between a G (GREEN sticker) and an E(RED stick) is jetting!??? Who do they think they are kidding???? I again restate the following question! If it is indeed possible to smog my KTM so that it meets California standards the way the G model does, why can't I do it and get a Green sticker for my bike? Fact: They do this for cars all the time! Answer: Because they don't want you to. I'm a realist. I have different bikes for different situations and conditions. The next states over are not that far away. I can go ride there. Lets just hope that this creeping expropriation of our freedoms and our rights gets stopped at the California border. :)

P.S. The jetting on the G models will be way too lean. Will you leave it or change it? Will the rangers be sticking smog tubes up your pipes to check your emissions right after the sound check? Sorry to sound so negative, I'm really not by nature. I'm just not buying this BS at the moment. Sure not going to pay more money for it. Sorry for the rant.

[ November 30, 2001: Message edited by: PMAUST ]

Im gonna street reg. my bike in AZ. I suggest you all do the same. This red/green sticker stuff is a bunch of bull****. Why dont you guys check into getting nonresident green stickers? On the off chance the ranger asks you for an out of state ID, Just tell him that you dont own the bike, its "your friends from out of state" As long as the sticker or reg. is current no ranger or cop shouldnt have a problem, as long as you didnt get stopped for doing something really stupid/dangerous. There will always be ways around stupid rules and regulations, it just takes some trial and error.

DMV employees are usually very unfamilar with dirt bikes in general, so use this to your advantage. You can bet that im gonna get an AZ plate and then transfer the title to CA and walk out with a CA plate. Baaada boom baada bing......

You guys are all right on.

What a pain trying to figure out which model you need to buy to be able to ride all year. No one would stand from cars that could only drive some of the time. Even if one thinks it is not a plot leading to an end to riding off road in CA, it still creates a barrier to entry for anyone trying to figure out how to get into the sport.

Think of the guy who buys a bike over 90cc and gets a rude surprise when he or she takes their son or daughter to ride in the summer. Talk about being pissed...

Remember also that there was supposed to be NO red stickers, the law was orginally designed for green (all year) or you couldn't ride.

Personally I am happy KTM building green sticker bikes. For now I will enjoy the bike and deal each challenge as it comes. Will I rejet the bike? You bet. Do I expect someone to measure my bikes emissions, not likely in the near future, but maybe someday.

Here is a thought... Could your bike even pass auto emissions? I don't know the levels, but with out a cathalytic (sp?) converter, I beat it could not, even leaned way out, but I am just guessing. Now I am getting WAY off topic.

Bottom line for me, get the green sticker now for peace of mind, deal with other obstacles later and ensure my representatives know what I think about further restrictions...

AZ. license, ILL. license Oregon license just get one of these and buy your bikes out of state. It's time you fight back with your bucks spent out of state.

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