will 520 burn both high and low beam light

does the 2002 520 exc have enough power to run the high and low beam elaments in the light bulb at the same time?

Have any of you guys done this yet ? I did not know how many watt gen. the bike had or if this would run down battery.


I used to do it on my DRZ by balancing to hi-low switch in the middle with no problems while riding on the back roads. I would asume it would be ok.

that is ok on a drz , mine has a 350 watt gen. on her , the light on a drz is awsome in stock form and there is enough power there to run more than that BUT , what do we know about the 520 charging system for fact. Dont want to experament on a 7500.00 bike , If the charging system cant handle it then POP goes the stater , I needed to know if anybody had any facts regarding the watts or current of the kademm


2002 520 exc

1996 916

2001 drz400e (for sale 4200.00)

The headlight and tail light on the 520EXC run off of AC and the DC regulator only provides a ttickle charge for the battery. If you wire both headlight filiments hot it may work. I'm not too sure of the AC capacity but I would guess at least 90watts so could be close.


It'll work fine. Just jump the 2 positive wires at the headlight connector.

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