99 kdx220handleing vs. ktm520handleing

I have a kdx 220 and I ride tight trails, for the most part I can throw my bike around and go very quickly (at least I think so).

I really want a ktm520... will I be able to the corners as well???

P.s. I don't ride on trail only I also ride fire-roads, sand, tracks, ect.

----any sort of comparisson between the two bikes would be great!!!!(any sort)

I know I cant spell very good at all thanx anyway :)

Apple and grapes, Bro. The kdx is kinda heavy as far as it felt to me. It was abit harder to throw around, but if you were to ad more power into the equation, things tend to get easier to handle.

I just bought one last week, so I don't know about the single track, but It sure is nice in the old whooped out logging roads.

I took mine to McCall this past weekend and it ran great!

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