problems for '06?

I think hope is still ok...Has anyone looked at the 250 forum as of late???

My god, I would not want to be seen posting there. If I owned a 250 I would buy a big bore kit just to not fit in the forum.

I have said it before that the oil temp will be higher. Yamaha put an oil squirter in the case to direct oil to the underside of the piston dome to reduce piston temp. Porsche did this mod for the 911 engine when head and piston temps started to run too hot with the bigger engine displacement. The frame will not be used as a heat sink so yamaha is trying a different way to lower the engine temp. Just change the oil more often and it should not be a problem. All the oil tank is in the engine now so change it sooner. Have fun with the new bike. Thanks Mark

911's were air cooled, YZF's are water cooled, big difference! It will be a better bike than all those before it, period. All new models experience some teething problems but nothing that should disrupt your purchase.

The biggest problem will be the radiators, they are flimsy and only mounted in 2 spots. They are very narrow to allow the hot air to escape. works connection will sell tons of braces. Also the carb is very hard to get to, you have to pretty much take the subframe off to do anything. They are giving you a little tool with a rubber piece on it to get ahold of needle.

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