400/520EXC suspension

I rode a friends 2001, 520EXC and the ride felt harsh. I have read similar reports for the 400 and 520. What mods are you guys doing to fix this? Will comp/rebound adjustments clear it up or is revalving needed? What weight rider are these set up for (springs) from the factory for non MX riding?

Thanks in advance


My dealer set my bike up for my weight (190 w/o gear) and until the boingers were broken in, both ends were very stiff (lots of stiction). Now that things have been run in a bit, I don't find the suspension to be harsh at all (the seat, on the other hand, is brutally firm). Granted, it's stiffer than my old DRZ, but that's a good thing. :)


I got a 2001 520 MXC and tried a number of things on my own without a lot of success. The suspension was still harsh unless I backed off on everything then it was to soft and bottomed.

Anyway I took my forks and rear shock to Rich at House of Horsepower http://www.geocities.com/suspension24/first.html

and he put a straight rate spring on the rear and revalved both front and rear and man it is like Night & Day. No more harshness and plush all the way through the travel. If you are not happy with stock do not wait get your suspension redone it makes the bike much more fun to ride.

Lee House of Horsepower

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