First Oil Change

I changed the oil in my 02 400 EXC the other day. My Canadian manual says to only use Shell Advance Ultra 4. Instead I opted to use some YamyLube,and breaking the engine in for another tank. The factory oil sure didn't look like synthetic. What type of synthetic oil is everyone using? I think I'll go Mobil 1, and scott's stainless filters from here on in. Any suggestions..??

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I use Maxima Maxum 4 synthetic blend with great results.

You must use semi-synthetic oil until your break in is done. Then you can use full syn. oil. The brand you use is up to you. Most of the people I know use Mobil 1 or Slickolene Pro4. If you are hard on clutches and it starts to slip,switch to a semi-syn oil.

Bro, I've been playing the game of which oil is better for this and that and it all comes down to this:

For bikes, use oil that has been designed for the wet clutch type applications we see as off-roaders. Most cars oils will have detergents placed there by are friends at the EPA to reduce emmisions which are harmfull to the motorcycle clutch. Any of the oils from Yamaha, Honda, Silcoline, Maxima, Bellray, Motul, ect. will be the best bet for you.

Keep the car oils in the cars gents.

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