i have a 2004 yz250F, i love it but i have the chance to upgrade to the 2006 yz450F. i think i'm gonna do it.

do you guys think its true that the 06 WILL have problems, people have been aying it the first year for this model, when its not, they've been around the longest. what do you guys think, 2006 450 or not. :banghead:

i'm doing the saem things i did before i got my blue 250. FREAKING OUT! :lol::applause:

i wouldnt be worried, in this day in age those bikes must have been well thought out and tested thorough. At least yamaha put that aluminum frame on the two stroke last year for a little bit of headway. I have an 06 250 right now and it is the most unbelievable bike myself or my dad has ever ridden. Plus the same suspension is going on the fourstroke with those speed sensitive fork pistons ( i dont know exactly what they are called) but wow is it good stuff. I had pro action suspension on my 250f and this bike is just as good right out of the box. Do what you want but i wouldnt hesitate for a second.

i think i will get it, i like when people right stuff in like that, not all "oh problems"

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