Enduro Erzburg on OLN right now!

Just a reminder, they're showing it right now.

:banghead: motocross is on next! :applause:

cool, thank you ;-)


That is the craziest race I have ever seen. Some of that stuff they go through is insane. :banghead:

thats SUCH a cool race.

wish we had something like that here.

Talk about scary rocks and hillclimbs!!!! The fast sections would be way fun, though. What I wouldn't give to take my WR450 on mob on those straights...

That looks like it would be so much fun, but, so demanding and difficult. Bet they had fun partying! I know I did when I was over there!


As usual, I looked and it was rodeo riding. :banghead:

Hard to believe, but Charter Cable had it on, as advertised...

Jeez, what an event! I'd have pissed my pants on several of those sections, especially that steeeeeeeep downhill made of loose rock with the left hand turn about 50 yards down with those big boulders on the right side... Guys were going over the bars left and right into those boulders. Talk about crazy.

After seeing the show on the tube, there is no choice but to order the DVD now:


My DVR recorded it and it was A W E S O M E!! :banghead:

As usual, I looked and it was rodeo riding. :banghead:

What do you mean by "rodeo" riding?

I was really impressed at how well Pastrana did on a borrowed RM250!!! He led most of the race, then got caught by Knight and a few others by the time they got to that crazy rock section. Then his bike broke. I didn't know what an all around great rider he is...

Man what a race, I have never heard about this Erzburg race. It was great though. It has very tricky sections. Did you see how many of those riders didn't even start much less finish the race, man it was a very rough course. I managed to catch the last half, then continued and watched the steel city race. Thanks to OLN for at least providing some good coverage of motocross racing.

Can anyone put a torrent up for the Erzberg por favor?

Someone put a video of it up on TT last year, it wasn't as bad as it was this year, this is the first race my dad and I both have seen where the promoters try to make it so nobody finishes.

Wow, that was awesome.. That field of boulders is the kinda stuff nightmares are made of. :banghead:


It's in German (I think), but the message is still conveyed very well: Click it Warning to dialup users: Large file! It may take a while.

I would love to ride that, but I'd be wanting a 2 wheel drive bike for sure.

Can anyone put up a torrent of it?

Not to sound dumb, but what's a torrent?

By the way, that video link that I posted is a little boring for about the first ten minutes, but after that it's awesome.

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