Oil filter pricing, good deals??

I found this on the H & H KTM World web site

58038005000 (HF155) Oil Filters All KTM 4 Strokes $7.95

59038005000 (HF157) Oil Filters 01-02 4 Stroke 400/520 $7.95

Is this a good deal or what? Just thought I would post to save yall some cash if it is.

Forgot to mention it was in the Kbay closeouts section.

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[ November 11, 2001: Message edited by: Jeff-inSD ]

Mike Krueger at Cycle Zone KTM has them for about $5.00 each.

I think Mike's prices are hard to beat! Even here in the land of KTMs, I still order most of my after market stuff from Mike (especially the Hi-Flo filters). If you're not getting them from Mike Kruger, you're probably spending too mush $$$!

Where is Mike Krueger at Cycle Zone and how do we get in touch with him/them? Thanks, Paul

Well, I tried. Ask me a little somthin' 'bout DRZ's. I got all the tips on them!!! :)

Mike Kruger's toll free number is 866-843-7433. They have a website at:


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