What year yzf/wr 400/426 are the most reliable? I've been looking at some 99 400's. This would be my first 4-stroke. I am a bit nervous about reliability, for valvetrains etc. I curently own a yz125 and found it to be surprisingly reliable, and simple to work on. Will I spend more time wrencing on a (good cond) 99 yzf 400 than on my 2 smoke?

I've heard and read that the Yamaha's are the way to go for reliability, and I think a 400 will be better than a 250f because it won't need to rev'ed as much :banghead:



Its all on how you take care of the thing. I know a guy with a 99 yz400f and he has never put a wrench to it except normal maintenance....just take care of the thing and you wont go wrong.

yea like oil changes and valve adjustments..? is that difficult, I know how the 4-strokes work, but have never worked on one, and how often do you have to adjust them, presuming I will not be bumping the rev limiter all the time?

i would have to disagree with the 400 vs. 250 thing, a newer 250 would keep up with a 400 no problem.

I own a 99 YZF 400 and love the bike. You have regular maintenance just as you will with any other bike. I highly sugest buying a clymer shop manuel. They give detailed instructions and great pictures. It takes 10 minutes to check the valves. I like to run it hard so I will be checking them every 6 months. Excessive maybe but it gives me an excuse to go into the garage. :banghead: If it has not had a timing chain replaced it is due. Make sure you do that. I bought mine for $35.00. It took me about an hour to do. I bought my bike and love it. The thing is unstoppable. As long as reqular pm has been done on the bike you should have no worries.


now I REALLY want one!! :banghead:

Thanks for the reply's guys

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