4 Days Till 02 520!

Four days and counting until I pick up my 02 520 EXC. I cant believe its finally going to be here. After riding a 1995 EXC400 LC4 for many miles, I feel this bike will be a welcome change.

Im picking it up in the box straight from an air freight dock at LAX. You can bet I will be spending this next weekend disassembling the rear suspension and steering head bearings, packing them with a healthy amount of Mobil 1 Grease.

After putting the bike back together, Im hoping to keep the aftermarket mods to a minimum. Acerbis rally guards, a skidplate, and my Scotts stabilizer should do it for now. The IMS 3.3 gallon tank, radiator guards, aux. gas tanks and Hella H.I.D headlight will have to wait. Damn it.

I have heard that the junction between the silencer and midpipe needs to be covered, or you are guaranteed to get burned or have a pant leg meltdown. Anyone have experience with this?

Set up tips and comments are welcome!

By the way, anyone going out to ride in the Red Mountain area for the Thanksgiving weekend?

Where did you buy it?

I have been thinking about a 520SX but have not quite come to terms with 7500.00 out the door!

Thanks, Rob

You'll miss your LC4's seat.

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