smallest 450 rider?

how tall/much do you wiegh, i'm 5'9" 180 and thinking about getting a 450

im 6' 220 and im gettin one but it aint to big for you just a little heavier than a 250 (20lbs)

people are saying the bike will kick my ass, i can't see that happening, lots of times i feel like i could twist the throttle on my 250 a full rotation instead of a quater.

im 5'10" and weigh 185. you will be fine.....

i'm the same size as you phat. what "level" rider are you?

5'8"-150lbs. Quit worrying. Just get it.

16 years old im 5"7 130 pounds on a 2001 426 re-geared and GPS at 95 mph

I am 5'7" or I was. I think I settled to 5'6.5" I weigh 65 kg, hmm about 150 lbs I guess.. I am 49 years old I get arm pump and fall off regularly but I love my YZ450...

Ive been riding since I was about 7 but thats not the deal here. I am telling you go get it. It might take a little bit to get used to it but you will be fine. Just respect the thing and it will respect you. I guarantee you if you go and buy a smaller bike aka the 250f you will regret it when the 450's are smoking your but up the hills. (no offense 250f riders)

It only goes as fast as you decide to make it go.

I'm 5'11 140lbs and you wont have any trouble handling the bike, it just takes time to get used to it

ok, thanks, that cleared alot of stuff up.

It doesn't matter how big you are. Look at RC, he races a 450F at the highest level and weighs 150 pounds and stands 5'6". All that matters is your skill level and strength.


I just got an 04yz450f i am 5"8" and 171 pounds...I used to have a 250f....upgrade fellas ...the xtra power is WELL worth it.

Jeff Buckner


I'm 5" 71/2" 170 Lbs. Pretty strong, but been off bikes for 6 years. The YZ 400 I have is a bear, but DAMN!!!!!!!!!! I love the power. I struggle to start it, especially when in the woods without a stand. Probably need to get a kickstand. I might sell just because of starting issues, but no matter what I get it will pale compared to the glorious POWER of the big bore : :banghead:

my girl is 5'3" 120lbs and she rides my 426 all the time with no problem

I am 28 6'1 150ish I ride the hell out of that bike.. back when I was 12 I used a milk crate to get on a old cr500 so don't go by what I say hahaha

ok, so i'm big enough. but still got a descision to make.

5 11 155 pounds yz450f 05

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