Helmet choices, need advice!!

Well I went down to my local shop the other day and tried on some helmets. They all felt really good so I'm wondering if you have opinions. The helmets i'm considering are the AXO MMZero Carbon, Shoei VFX-R, and Arai VX-Pro. Any suggestions?


I have owned all three types and they are all very good helmets. Don't rely on what somebody tells you, just get the one that feels the most comfortable and remember, they will break in a little it so size it accordingly.

I like the Shoei better. I wear Arai VX-Pro's only because Shoei stopped making the VFX line in XXL. The Arai is very nice too but, for my head, the Shoei was just a bit more comfortable. Cooling at woods riding speed is not any different in either helmet, in my experience.

I love my HJC ACX-1 helmet. Its the new Kevlar - Fiberglass comp. and was only $199.00.

Its half the weight of the HJC CLX-3.

ACX-1 is very light and comfortable. why pay 400.oo or more for a helmet that gets beat up and nasty when you can get one this good for under 200.00? I've had mine for over a year, entire lining comes out for washing.

What JEB said :)

Fit is key. I like the Shoei's for dirt and have an Aria for the street.

Helmet are not an area I look to save money, but that's just me :D There are bargin's on GREAT helmets out there... A bunch of the Shoei 2001 VFX-R helmets are on close out for around $350. Check out www.helmetharbor.com and www.rx4mx.com

Thanks for the advice. i finally found a store that had all 3 in stock in my size so i could compare them side by side. The AXO seemed too tight in the cheeks. The Arai's faceguard seemed to be too close to my face making me feel cramped and made it difficult to get off. I tried on some other helmets but they all lost out to the winner...the Shoei VFX-R. I got it in the brand new Blue/Silver Tryxtar color too which is really trick.


Excellent choice Steve. IMO Shoei makes the best helmet, bar none. They are a little more expensive but the fit, finish and pumpkin' protectin' qualities are well worth it!

I agree with StormTrooper. Plus the interior is a lot easier to pull apart and put back together for washing on the Shoei. I keep hoping they'll bring back the XXL size in the VFX line. Oh well.

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