Clutch Bushing Guide

I ahve a 2001 xr650r. I was riding last weekend and the clutch started seizing up. I nursed it back home and it worked ok. I did a little research and have found that Honda has an updated part for this that allows more oil to flow to help alleviate this problem. I ordered the part and took the bike apart.

Here's the question.....I ahd to slightly smack the old clutch guide (bushing) to get it out of the back side of the clutch basket holder. The only galling I saw was on the clutch basket holder (the last 1/8" or so). I rubbed it out w/ emory cloth and it looks alright....but when the new guide goes all the way in, it will not move. It moves freely until the last 1/8" and then it is a real tight fit. Does anyone know if this is normal? The manual does not say if the guide should be loose or not when fully inserted. I'd hate to put it all together only to find out I need to replace the clutch housing as well.

Any input from others down this road would be appreciated. Thanks. :banghead:

I belive it should spin, maybe little more honing with emmery :banghead:

OK - Just an update on what I found in case anyone ever has the same question.....

Yes the clutch guide (many here call it a bushing) should extend smoothly and freely all the way into the back of the ckutch pack housing. I used a dremel with a small grinder on low speed to lightly take off the affected area that was holding me up. It was little you could barely notice it yet it was enough to bind things up. I finished up w/ some 240 grit emory cloth and now I am back in business! Everything seems to slide smooth and free. I'll put her back together tonight and be ready for a big UP ride


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