blown shock :(

K guys, heres one for ya:

I went scouting some hunting places today and of course rode my bike. I only rode logging roads, very smooth. I dinked around on one little section of trail and thats it for like 2 minutes. So i go to load my bike back up and walla, i gots shock oil on the left fork. So i just unloaded it and its not rebounding back and there is definelty leaky oil. Now this is the funny part. I weigh 130 lbs and the suspension setup is by GP Racing suspension. Now it could have happened when loading the bike but i didnt notice it until after i was riding. Anyways, should i fix it myself or take it in to get it done. What is the cost on bith options and how intense and time consuming is it to do it myself?

One of your seals is probably gone.

It is easy to fix if you have your manual and parts.

You might learn a thing or two while you are at it.

How many hours/miLes since last fork rebuiLd?

no clue. i just got it like 4 months ago. ive been thinking about rebuilding it this winter and tapping into the engine as well to check everything. I just kinda want to fix it b4 next weekend or so so i can use it to hunt.

There is a quick fix if the seal is not blown out. There is thread that details it but basically the inverted forks will leak pretty easy if they get dirty. It's not necessarily always a blown - both me and a buddy have WR's and we've had this issue on occasion. You need to use film negative to clean out the seal around the lower and upper - it is just thin enough to slide in under the seal yet rigid enough to clean with. Make sure you take the dust cover off. After I clean it I use a little vaseline around it. Check the oil level after that. Seals are cheap and the job isn't that hard. Most shops want $80 per fork to replace seals. Hope this helps.

There is an easier way than the using film.

Clean the oil of the fork leg with alcohol and let dry.

Next wrap some electrical tape around the the fork about an inch below the seal, about two times around. Then pump the fork down a couple times , pushing the tape into the fork leg. Remove tape. You might have to repeat. This will clean out any dirt that may be stuck in the seal.

If it doesn't work you will need a new seal.

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