this is probably going to sound kinda dumb but how exactly do u check the valves on an xr650l? i have never done do u know when to do it?

you should buy the Honda shop manual, not cheap, but it will pay for itself quick ... adjustment should probably be checked every 2000-3000 miles, I guess ... mine never seems to need adjutment, some engines Ive owned constantly needed it ... exhaust valves tend to tighten up first, and if they get TOO tight, the valve face will be burned, and ruined ... set to TDC, check for it thru the left-side 'peephole', feeler-gauge the gap, simple enough routine, but crucial ..

i got a clymer manual....that good enough?

the Clymer manual ought to be good enough for valve adjustments ... but as you get deeper into the bike, you will gradually see deficiencies and errors over time, at least thats been my experience with them ... on the other hand, while the Honda manual is more accurate, it doesn't give you much in the way of step-by-step instruction ... Clymer will show you how, the Honda manual will show you "how much", if you get my drift ...

ne suggestions on where to get this honda manual and how much is it?

or E-Bay, much cheaper.

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