Pic's From todays Ride! (looking over the ocean)

I finally got out on the Xr for a ride today, my first real ride on it since i got it, not just for 10 minute's or so. U can tell i'm on the westcoast since the sun is shining right where i wanted to take the picture's. But the bike just ripped, it tore up the mountain like a beast and just handled like a champ, the wieght is really hidden once u get riding one of these, u forget it's a big 650 because it handle's just as well as other dirtbike i've ridden, it felt better then ridding a 125 through the trail's because the power was insane, and the thing just sticks to the trail and wants to be slide into every corner like a animal. Anyway, that's my review...lol...the bike is great and here's some pic's from the top on the mountain. This trail head is only like a 5 minute ride from the city, and it has a bunch of different trails to take to the top so it's really convienent.

Good shot of the ocean looking down at Bellingham Bay and the San jaun islands right behind my bike. For those that don't know where Bellingham is, it's just north of seattle.


Another with the San Jaun Islands in the background




good shot looking from the back of the bike


One looking down over the Bay and city


One Looking south towards the Olympic mountain's by Seattle and the ocean, but the sun made it so u can't see that far :lol:


The radio Towers at the top


A shot of Mt. Baker, but the clouds kinda hide it so i pointed it out :banghead:


And check out the Sunset :applause:


All in all this is the best trail bike i've ridden, and once i hit the road to come back home, i almost forgot this things is just as much fun to ride on the street, i can't wait until i get a set of wheels to switch for the street.

wow man.......nice

So where were you riding? that looks kinda like blanchard mountain but its not close enough to the water to be that.

My brother-in-law lives in Bellingham. He's been trying to get us to come for a visit for awhile. We've begged off, so far.

Hmmm... Perhaps a visit is in order! ;-)

Great ride. I wish there was some of that where I'm riding.

What modifications if any have been done to your bike?

Wow, great pics. I went to WWU some 20+ years ago & used to rip up the logging roads pretty good back then. The hot of the San Juans brings back some great memories of time I "should have been stuudying or in class" but was out playing around! :banghead:



Great ride. I wish there was some of that where I'm riding.

What modifications if any have been done to your bike?

The bike was uncorked when i bought it, all i have done so far is remove the handguards, move the bars forward, trim the front fender, and ad a plate mount, nothing big at all. The bike has plenty of power, so i'll just re-gear it for street/dirt use. Change the exhaust soon, ad some moto wheel's for fun, and get some Tag double hi bars, new headlight, and that's probably all i want to do for now.

Nice pics with a great view.... :banghead:

So where is this Logging road? :banghead: I'd like to ride it sometime. :applause: I thought that whole area was closed these days. :lol:

Nice pics, I'd love to be able to ride there.

I got motivated to post some of mine here...

This is near where I live in Oz




This is one of an Oz spec XR in road legal form..(almost..snicker)


I think I'll move to OZ! Those pics look a lot like the Irvine hills in SoCal did waaay back when. It sure was great riding.


lookout mtn? in the back of sudden valley the way you are going up, there is some waterfalls hidden in the trees, one has about a 50' drop , if i remember.

john nielson ( ISDE rider) has his name carved in a rock up there. great pics, glad ya got it plated.

now I gotta get back to Oz to ride after seeing those oz shots.

Thats why we ride dirt bikes with plates...to enjoy the beauty in nature and life, and to thrash it just a little :banghead:

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