Vibration question?

I am looking to get back into riding and considering a 4stroke. I have ridden a few of the newer 2strokes and they seem to have more engine vibration than I remember on any of my bikes. It's enough that is kind of bothers me. The cr's really numb my arms after a while. It's tough getting old.. How much vibration do the 450s transmit to the bars and the peg's compared to a smoker? Also I like the lightness/flickability of the 2strokes. The 450 felt kind of heavy sitting on it. Do you notice it on the track? The yamaha 450 is the only 4stroke I am considering because I just don't have the time or money to be wrenching on these things that much.

Well compared to my friends CR500.... there is very little vibration. But having jumped on my friends 99 cr250 quite often it seems like mine definitely has more than his. :banghead:

Hmmmm.....I don't notice any vibrations to speak of. Good grips help out somewhat, too.

ProTaper bars and ProTaper or Renthal Soft Grips are the key to kill vibration and arm pump. But the factor of more training is even bigger. 3-4 motos and you forget about arm pump.

2-smokes definetly have more "buzz"

Like Satch said, 2 strokes do have more "buzz" than thumpers do. The thumpers vibrate but its a much lower frequency vibration so you don't notice it so much. On top of that, if you were riding a 2 stroke with an aluminum frame you would probably notice it even more. Aluminum transmits vibration a lot more than steel does. Rubber mounted handlebar mounts, tapered bars and good grips will go a long way in reducing vibration.

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