MSRP for 2002 400EXC ???

I’m thinking of saying good bye to the XR and getting a 400EXC.

However, the KTM's website doesn’t list the MSRP for the 2002’s. I know the real price is based on supply and demand, but does anyone know what the MSRP is on a 2002 400EXC???

$7048 for the 400 and $7348 for the 520

$7,048 ... Ouch!!!

Looks like the plan has changed to either keeping the XR or getting a DRZ.

Don't get the 01 DRZ. The 02 saw some good changes. However there are still 01 on the showroom floors and dealers are selling them for just over cost in some places. I would say that $4600 OTD is a good price on the 01 so choose based on your needs.

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